Welcome to my Life!



When I thought about why I wanted to write a blog, the very first thought that came to mind was my desire to create. I wanted to create something from me, something raw, something personal and most importantly, real & relatable. Discover Her Essence is my brand, my platform and my escape. Through this blog, I release every vital aspect of who I am through my poetry,  blog postsevents & creative projects. With Discover Her Essence, I aim to inspire women as I strive to inspire myself to live life at our greatest potential. By bringing you along this journey with me, my desire is to use my voice and reveal my truth in hopes that I can inspire you to do the same with whatever makes you, YOU. I hope that through my words I leave an impact on women to be confident and free [within] their own crafts, talents and passions.

I choose to be free by loving myself wholeheartedly, exploring my passion for writing, producing events and staying true to myself. Through this very personal, yet hopefully inspirational blog, I hope to use my words of encouragement to empower women, & express my insights; centering my journey through womanhoodstrengthpassionhealing and everything [in] between. 

Discover YOUR Essence, Live Freely, Abundantly & Unapologetically.