A Wrongful Companion

To reach her certain level of Intimacy, you'd have to share a closeness.

It's never a requirement with her, nor request, nor demand.

She makes it so easy.

Easy to love her.

She makes herself easy to love.

You'll get her.

every corner,

every crevice,

and every curve.

by really knowing WHO she is,

and what she loves.

Find what waters her garden and what blossoms her roses . . .

Rise above the ladders into her true realm

& you'll be drowning,

sinking into the sea of her sensuality

that some will only ever experience once, or maybe twice. . .

Thrice by mercy.

& if by rarity, she has ever mistaken your misinterpreted closeness for a skewed version of Love. . .

she'll disappear, as she's appeared.

to leave you yearning, fire in your thoughts, burning. . . .

with the mere thought of.. "maybe"

Maybe if I cared about her.

Maybe if I was there for her.

Maybe if I was a friend. . . . . . . . .