Beauty Personified

Beauty to me is when the world lit a match that set my soul to fire.

I feel beauty when the universe aligns with my spirit

like the moon and the stars.

Beauty when a smile widens . . .

 Beauty when the sun rises . . .

 Beauty when a child takes their first step . . .

Beauty when Heaven called and my father took his last breath . . .

Beauty in the Unexplainable , Unattainable, Forever questioning, forever questing . . . untold stories. . . His & Her story, 

My life,

Your life,

Our life,

Beauty is living, loving, freely in uncertainty.

Beauty is at 17 really knowing what it means . . .

to have a guardian angel 

Scars on the right of her foot,

Forever a reminder of what the world never understood . . .

Beautiful girl.

Beautiful world.

What does it mean to be beautiful?