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 "I want my blog to be a representation of ME - a black woman in her early twenties speaking to the world. I want for it to be the platform where I can express myself and serve as an inspiration to women. I want it to be very personal, sort of like the diary of my thoughts, all for the world to see." 


When asked why I wanted to write a blog, that was the response that first came to mind. I thought, "I want to create something" .... Something for me, something for you, something for Women. With Discover Her Essence, I write thought provoking pieces & Poetry. Through my pieces, I aim to encourage women as I strive to encourage myself to live life at our greatest potential. By giving a raw view into my mind, thoughts, and perceptions, my desire is to use my voice and truth in hopes that I can inspire other women to do the same. I hope that through my words I leave an impact on women to be confident and free [within] their own crafts, talents and passions.

I choose to be free by loving myself wholeheartedly, exploring my passion for writing and staying true to myself. Through this very personal, yet hopefully inspirational blog, I hope to use my words of encouragement to empower women, & express my insights; centering my journey through womanhood, strength, passion, healing and everything [in] between. 

Discover YOUR Essence, Live Freely, Abundantly & Unapologetically. 

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid”
— Audre Lorde