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Flesh Vs Spirit

Flesh Vs Spirit

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine recently, & we were discussing how at times we tend to purposely self-sabotage/self-destruct. By this I mean that we tend to give into things that feel good for our flesh but aren’t necessarily good for the soul. We spoke about things like unhealthy food, lack of exercise, excessive use of alcohol & a bunch of other things that if you consume too much of, results in a negative effect.

How can we find a balance between the toxins that we constantly feed our flesh & the nutrients that we should feed our soul?

Well first, we must know ourselves. We must know what sets our soul on fire and what illuminates the light that we all carry within us. And we must know what dims it. By truly knowing what makes us the best version of ourselves is when we can know that we aren’t fully living up to it.

 In order to really know that we are taking away from our spirit and fueling our flesh we have to be very self-aware.

Sometimes it pains us to be self-aware.

But we have to be aware of the things that we love to allow ourselves to indulge in. Indulging in self-destructive behavior is easy…..because we get an immediate satisfaction, an immediate escape…an immediate fix. Whereas, indulging in our spirit requires more time. More searching. More effort. That’s because our soul is way more delicate. Our soul is our true self and requires a lot more work to maintain & take care of.

If we don’t plant in us the seeds of love, knowledge and well-being then we will never see our spirit grow.

 Life gets hard. We can’t be perfect. We have our jobs, family, relationships, marriages, and children to attend to – but in order to flourish in all of these areas the one thing that you cannot neglect is YOU. Often times when certain projects are too close to one another & I feel overwhelmed, I procrastinate until I can’t anymore. Then I make up the excuse that I work well under pressure with a little “liquid courage”. Or when my mind is too exhausted from being hard on myself and overthinking, I want to just go out, party and forget about everything. If I do this always though, I’ll constantly fall into the pattern of downward spiraling.

These are a few things that I’m conscious of, yet I continuously do.

I realize that I need to be more conscious of what I love to do like writing, yoga, reading, blogging, creating…..and doing MORE of that. Those things make me more of who I am, not the partying or procrastination. Sometimes, we get too caught up in the everyday motion of life, and what’s expected of us, and what we can do for others. We have to forgive ourselves for not caring enough to make ourselves the priority. After taking care of you, everything else is secondary.

What do you love?

What makes your heart smile?

What makes the world less heavy for you?

I encourage you to take as much time as you need to figure this out for yourself.

Then and only then can you settle the fight between your spirit and your flesh.

Be self-aware.

Learn yourself.

Love yourself.

& find ways to discover YOU.

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