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How Writing Became My Passion

How Writing Became My Passion

I knew I was a writer when on a busy work week during my daily commute, I asked a perfect stranger on the train for a pen.

I had forgotten my own.

My phone was dead.

And I desperately wanted to write something.

My heart beat nervously awaiting an answer, and it dropped as he told me “no”. As easily as my ideas had appeared, they quickly vanished, and from that day forward, I never left my home without a pen, my notebook……

or a portable charger LoL.

I had to present some questions to myself though; like what do you want to gain from writing? Why has this become so important to you? Where do you see yourself taking this? I contemplated and searched within myself for the answers, and since I'm still well within the process of learning and creating, I couldn't quite find an answer. However, I realized that almost everyone in this world has a passion. A hobby, a talent, a craft of some sort. But all my life, I felt like I had struggled with discovering mine. I grew up admiring and appreciating art, but I felt like I never had the talent to sing, dance, act, draw or etc.' but I was ALWAYS creative. So amongst my fascination of the arts, I always looked for my place within its many facets. I wanted to be so passionately in love with something that I was good at,

Something that impacted lives,

Something meaningful,

Something to call my own.


I craved so deeply to be in love with something that would keep me up all night, just like it does now. So as I thought about why this was for me, I remembered my first love as a child... and that was a good book. I love[d] to read and I loved how a good novel could so vividly grasp the mind of the reader. As a young girl, one of my favorite hobbies was getting lost in the pages of a book that I wished never ended. I was thrilled by how an author could just tie words together so beautifully and kidnap your mind for a while. This feeling was refreshing, it was enjoyable, and it was the magic of amazing writers. After re-visiting this love, I knew that this was for me and that this is the impact that I want to leave on others with my work.


Growing up, I’ve always been intrigued by the art of poetry. On occasion I would even write a few poems of my own. I never thought anything of it though, but I was still compelled to do so nonetheless. As I’m getting older and continuing to find myself and learn who I am deeper, I’ve been realizing that I need to take my interest in writing and create. Writing is such a therapeutic form of release for me. When I’m stuck in my head too much, I love to let my thoughts fill the paper. I write free-verse poetry and creative writing pieces because I love the way words have impacted me throughout my life, even when I didn’t know how to explain it. My very desire is to do the same with my voice, and my words. This to me, is so much more than just a hobby. It’s becoming a part of who I am. I love creating my own lane – everyone is known for something and I want to be remembered long after I am gone for spreading love, light and positivity with my words. I want to be remembered for my poetry, my writing and being fearless and free in my feelings, emotions and my self-expression. Writing is my escape, my relief and my solitude. It’s my self-expression,

It’s fun.

It’s challenging.

 and It’s me.

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Christines Baby

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