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Sisterhood: ❤

Sisterhood: ❤

If you know me then you know that I have always had a core group of girl friends all throughout my life. There's just something about being centered within the energy of like-minded women who I can relate to in all of my uncensored glory. Something that feeds my soul. I have always felt like I can be my best imperfect self when I'm in the presence of my girls, and I think that a defining moment in my friendships has had a lot to do with the ladies that I consider my sisters.

Growing up apart from my blood sisters Ida, Felicia, Jackie & Christina, I've only had an older brother in my household to look up to. As much as I adore & admire my brother Cory, I always longed for a sister to sister connection. When having boy troubles, during those silly teenage angst days - or just to raid a closet that wasn't mine from time to time. I longed for that. I yearned to grow up with a sister. Of course, I feel like I cannot fail to acknowledge & send my love to Selinda who has always helped me, been there for me, and set a perfect example of strength & independence. But, essentially, I think that it was important for me to understand that opening up to other women and being vulnerable about this emptiness would be the only way that I could fill that gap. 

I believe that a solid rock in the foundation of my womanhood was to love and understand my fellow women as I did myself.  It's so powerful just to be nice, reach out, listen, be a friend, and really build a relationship with one another. 

As women living in a society where everything seems to be centered around men, we really do need each other. We are our best supporters, we are each other's backbones, and we are each other's home. I get saddened by the notion that women cannot befriend one another without being catty, disloyal and betraying each other. That is just not always true. We are SO capable of having lasting relationships, and my girls remind me of this DAILY. 

In my experiences with the women in my life we are there for each other in so many uplifting ways and I couldn't be any more grateful for that. Surround yourself amongst Women of Excellence, it truly does makes a difference❤

Thank you Christina, just for being my Sister. The bond that we recently built inspired me to write this piece. 

Loving Yourself Enough to Persevere & Shine Your Light

Loving Yourself Enough to Persevere & Shine Your Light